Meet the Scrapy community

Scrapy has a healthy and active community. Check the places where you can get help and find the latests Scrapy news.

Getting involved

If you want to get involved and contribute with patches or documentation, start by reading this quick guide. All development happens on the Scrapy Github project.

/r/scrapy subreddit

The Scrapy official subreddit is the best place to share cool articles, spiders, Scrapy extensions and whatnots.

Collaboration at any level is also encouraged there, so feel free to start a discussion, ask for code reviews and advices for your projects.


If you are looking for support or troubleshooting, the scrapy tag at Stack Overflow is your best friend. There's a healthy community built around it with thousands of questions and many regular contributors.

Go ahead and ask your question there.

Discord NEW

You can join our Discord server to chat with other Scrapy users and developers.

IRC Channel

If Discord is not for you, you can also join the #scrapy IRC Channel at Libera.Chat to chat with other Scrapy users and developers, via browser or any IRC client.

Scrapy tweets

Follow Scrapy on Twitter to be notified of project progress, people using it, blog mentions, job offers, and other Scrapy news.

Telegram Russian Community

You can join the Telegram Russian Community to chat with other Scrapy users and developers, via link. There are mostly Russian-speaking devs.