Meet the Scrapy pros

The following companies offer support contracts and consultancy services for Scrapy, and can also develop bespoke crawlers to meet your needs:

Scrapinghub is currently the largest company sponsoring Scrapy development. It specializes in web crawling, it was founded by Scrapy creators and employs crawling experts including many Scrapy core developers.

SayOne uses Scrapy to power their web crawling and visualization services. They have a strong team of crawling experts who specialize in crawling, information extraction and application integration. They also offer web & mobile app development. Read more about their data scrping services here.

Datahut provides Scrapy consulting services across different business verticals like e-commerce, content discovery, lead generation, opinion mining etc. They provide clean ready to use data in the most common formats.

Flax are experts in open source search and have used Scrapy in several projects, for clients in sectors including publishing, recruitment and broadcast. We recommend Scrapy as a first choice to clients looking to gather content for a search application.

GoScrape specializes in developing web crawlers via Scrapy for fulfilling information needs. Their core services include scraping, crawling, and parsing data from a variety of sources; interacting with web APIs; and cleansing, analyzing, and presenting data using a variety of methods.

Arbisoft is using Scrapy for a number of aggregation projects for our clients and partners. They have more than 20 trained Scrapy/Python engineers and usually recommend it as the first choice when their partners ask for scraping services.

Tryolabs is a Boutique Python/Django Shop & Lab specialized in Internet applications with Artificial Intelligence Components. They embed Scrapy into their customers applications as well as into their own products.

Thalasar Ventures offers Scrapy support and development.

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